Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, I have something to admit. Not many people know about it thus far, because it's taken me a bit come to terms with in my head. My own acceptance.

I didn't get full funding for the PhD. Now, that is not to say that partial funding won't come through yet, but any chance of a fully funded degree is out the window. I have a few options left for first year, but I will have to reapply to everything for second and third year. Which is a pain. I haven't told many people, because it brings up all sorts of questions.

The important thing is, is that I am STILL GOING TO ENGLAND. I have planned and calculated and concluded that it *is* possible, even without funding, to do this and not land myself in so much debt that I will still be paying it off when I retire (meaning I won't ever get to retire).

Also, my supervisor is Ross Parry. I can't *not* do this degree. And I certainly can't bugger it up!

In other news, in the next few months I will become published in an ACTUAL JOURNAL. The academic kind that they print and put in libraries!