Thursday, October 10, 2013


Term has started. Two weeks ago nearly, but I spent the first week of it in bed with one of the worst colds I've ever had. Lovely beginning. However, I managed to drug myself enough to be seen in public by last Wednesday to attend the PhD induction.

We have a great collection of new PhDs starting this year and they are all really eager to be involved, even our DLs! That's so nice as we have plenty for them to do!

I always feel a bit strange at the start of term these days. Because it's not the start of term for me. Term doesn't really exist as a concept. As a PhD we go to school 12 months of the year and we don't get 'holidays' at set times (except Christmas and Easter days as those are legal holidays) but whenever we want to take them. The start of autumn term used to mean something to me, but it really doesn't anymore. It's strange with new students starting when I feel like 'last year' hasn't ended! Also, we have PhDs that start in January and April, so the whole thing becomes somewhat muddled.

But enough about the optimistic side of this post. This is about writing, yes? And writing I should be! Having managed to put aside the 'book' for the moment (hopefully until Christmas) I should be concentrating on writing a thesis chapter...but I'm still reading! I can't seem to stop. I know there's nothing 'new' to read, but reading I am still doing. And the last two weeks of so many events and meetings has cut into reading time. Today I hoped to get a chapter outline done, but it's 11am and I have a meeting at 3pm and I still have to grocery shop so...not likely to happen today. And tomorrow is a workshop all day, so not likely then either. I guess that is Saturday's project but...Saturday is the 12th! The chapter is due the 29th! That's not much time to write 8000 words...but it's going to have to be. I am more than a little nervous. I've written for the PhD already, but with the knowledge that what I've written will be rewritten for the thesis. This will be a draft chapter and will only really be 'edited' next year. That's a lot of pressure. I understand how everyone else in the writing up area feels right now.

But needs must. I promised Ross (and I don't disappoint Ross, even if I don't get anything else done this month). I must get that transcription finished though, I really must. By Hallowe'en. At least.

So many things to do, so little time. I've not been this busy in a while!