Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Writers often talk about their 'muses'. Their inspirations. Or, quite often, their motivation.

There may be 9 muses but all of them have been unkind to me at one time or another. And all of them have been helpful too, at one time or another.

Occasionally, however, my muses (one or more) get a little over eager. They always do this when I can least afford to devote time to writing.

Like right now. Right now I have at least one muse whispering in my ear and so far she's written 4500 words of a book I promised myself I was not going to write this year until Christmas. Part of me is ecstatic, because it's a bloody good idea for a book, and part of me is horrified because I really don't have the time to spend on this.

Life at a Walking Pace; journal, history and guidebook to the Camino de Santiago.

I may actually try to publish this one.


[Next year.]