Sunday, April 24, 2011

Counting Down

In five months I will be back in England! I have already reached the stage of 'can I just go already? With the weather, work, lack of actual jobs, parents, and everything else I would really like to get started on the rest of my life.

This weekend has been mostly exhausting. Friday the fam was around for Easter dinner. Four children hunting Easter eggs and a house full of adults. Was nice to see everyone, though and eat too much food! Yesterday Spring finally arrived in the form of sun and warm temperatures. I spent the day dying eggs with hundreds of children at the museum. Stupidly I went for a walk when I got home and then proceeded to actually fall asleep before dinner. I haven't been that tired in a very long time. Still lingering today, so good thing all I had to manage was a big brunch that someone else made and a movie. Water for Elephants, in case anyone is interested.

I've promised myself that next month I will get back into research again. I haven't done much for the last two months and I already have a meeting planned the end of September with my supervisor. Five months until this really starts! I'm really going to do this. I want to be well prepared for that meeting, however, because after I start out on the right foot, it will only go downhill from there. Better than the other way, probably.