Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember

This will be a short post. In case you were wondering.

November 5th has to be one of my favourite dates. Obviously, it has rather a lot of significance for England, especially where fireworks are concerned. I have been listening to them for nearly two weeks, what with the Diwali celebrations. They never really stopped, but last night they were definitely louder. Tonight I have my headphones blaring in order to drown them out. I don't much go in for fireworks, but there is a certain historical symmetry there, if you consider it. Though Guy Fawkes hardly used Roman candles to try to blow up Parliament.

Mostly, I love this date because it's my Aunt's birthday. Therefore, it has always been impossible to forget. And tomorrow is my mother's and then the next day is my father's. And the next day after that is one of my other aunt's. November is just one of those months in my family!

Moving onwards; in short. This week has been something of an accomplishment, since I only began this degree a month ago and I have already delivered into my supervisor's hands a 5000 word paper which received some very nice comments. I feel I am officially a student again, which would be worth much celebrating, except I don't really have the time. Seeing as I'm a student again. It's a funny old circle. Now my walls are decorated with Gantt charts, monthly planners, training plans and my bookshelf is full of books (as it should be).

I am absolutely loving this.