Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travel Plans

Flights are now booked, at least to San Francisco. September 13-21st. It should be a fantastic trip; even if all I do is sit around the house waiting for the sister to get home from work everyday! It will just be nice to see her for a few hours.

It is August 10th. The mandatory check in for Big Bang is in 5 days. I find this rather hilarious, as my Big Bang is not only done, but mostly beta read too and the second one is now finished at 35,000 words! Now I do wish I'd signed that one up too, but at the time I figured that was insanity. Of course, at the time, I had no idea I was suddenly going to be buried by plot bunnies. I dearly hope that is the last of them. I need a break and I have research to do.

I must get to booking flights to England. Hopefully the idiots will stop rioting in Leicester before then, but if not they're keeping well away from the university. And I never go to the city centre after dark anyways. I'm sure it won't last that long, since the rioting in London has already died down. Shite disturbing (excuse the Scottish) never lasts long, even when the disturbers are unemployed.

I have decided to ignore the news for the foreseeable future. I don't consider this burying my head in the ground. I just can't take the large amount of negative/tragic news coming from basically every country. I just want a good news story; is that too much to ask?

Onwards and upwards and the days are getting shorter.

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