Monday, April 22, 2013


Transcription has to be the most horrific form of writing ever invented. Honestly, I hate it. I'd rather write an essay. I'd rather write a thesis. So I'm trying to do as little of it as possible, which means only transcribing the sections of interview that seem most relevant to the thesis. Of course, I still have to listen to the entire interview, which takes an hour just without even recording anything from it. I'm trying to get some of it done before I leave, however, so I don't have to do it all in June when I get back. More and more I think I'd like to conduct my follow-up interviews over email.

I seem to have sprained my ankle. You know, people everywhere keep commenting about the Richard III discovery and how it very nearly just didn't happen. Honestly, the probability integer that someone at the university worked out is less than 1%. And yet it happened. I've been viewing my trip to Spain in a similar way, because it seems everything just sort of fell into place exactly when it needed to. Then I injured my foot (re-occurant foot problems), but it healed. Now I've buggered my ankle slipping on a wet floor because my housemate can't clean up after themselves. Not the first time I've twisted the ankle, but certainly worse than I've done in a while. So I'm confined to bed for the next several days and have to see the doctor tomorrow. That's like my third medical appointment in 2 weeks. I'm becoming one of those people. Hopefully if I rest as much as possible, it'll be better by next week. A minor sprain should be okay a week later, I've found in the past. And I can walk on it, it just hurts, so it has to be a minor sprain.

Yesterday I had the best Chinese food I have ever had. We finally went to Peking, which is one of only two traditional Chinese restaurants in the city. It's where the Chinese go to eat. We were the only westerners there until the very end. But it was seriously amazing food and the staff were what you'd expect from a 5 star restaurant, expect for the price of 2 stars. I ate so much food, however, that I didn't sleep at all last night as I spent most of it feeling like my stomach was going to burst. I should know better by now. But I just hate to see food go to waste...

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