Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's been a while

My fault, really. November was a hell of a month and just finding time to breathe was often difficult, much less blog post! I felt no one wanted to hear my crazed whinging anyways, am I right?

But it's December now and although things haven't quieted down completely, they are getting there (or will in another week or so). At which time I can start writing my PhD and posting about that!

Right now I'm trying to get the last of my obligations done in the department before holidays. Attempting to collect the rest of the field data I need. And also rereading a lot of books on subjects I don't understand anymore now than I did 12 months ago (oops!) I'm also working at the same time, so things are a little busy. Just 9 more days to go until term ends!

I also need another 5000 words or so of creative fiction to hit my target this year, and I have a sinking feeling I'll be writing that on December 31st. Better last minute than late, but I was hoping to have it done already.

Somehow in the last two months I found time (ha!) to go to Paris for 4 days. Even that was a whirlwind tour and I barely fit everything into the daylight hours available! I was out shortly after sunrise each morning and back after sunset each night in the freezing cold. But I managed a lot, which I always can when facing tight deadlines. :)

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