Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blogging Manifesto

I started a new blog. Which, normally, would mean ignoring this one. I don't want to do that, however, so I thought I'd taken a lesson from Miss Pond, and create a manifesto for this blog. Something I can refer back to whenever I get a bit off-track.

What will I use this blog for?

-career pursuits
-reflecting on job hunting
-issues in the museum field
-comments on getting into novelizing and trying to get published
-flagging up blogs of note in the above fields
-social media opinions and suggestions

What I won't use this blog for:

-PhDing (that's what the other blog is for)
-complaining about how bad life is
-personal issues
-referencing other blogs (except where they relate to career/novelizing)
-procrastinating from writing entries for my other blog (or working)

Well, that's a start at least. Something I can have to refer back to every time I write a new post. We'll see how that goes for the rest of the year, and maybe I'll come back to this again in January and see how I've been getting on, and revise, where needed. It's a work in progress.

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