Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unfortunate Accomplishments

So, the Olympics happened. Looking back, I should be rather proud of what I accomplished between July 27th and August 12th. I mean really.

Except what I accomplished was 26k of a fic I hate, for a fandom I am ashamed to admit exists much less that I write for it, and will forever pretend I never wrote. It may also, single-handedly, be the worst fic I've ever written. It's so awful I can't even reread it and have had to find a beta to do it for me. I also know it will be my last chapter fic for a while, if not forever. I have not only no interest in writing another, I have no ideas. And right now, that's a blessing.

In other news, I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Denver, a city I have not been to for 30 years. I don't remember it ;) It makes for a nice five-day weekend away, except that Denver is 10 hours away from London, so it makes for a lovely five-day-twenty-hour-flight weekend away. I do it out of love for family and my cousin's kind words and his new wife's thanks makes it worth the trip. The weekend has been a perfect organisational masterpiece that looked effortless. I know, literally, that it was not effortless and that there's been more than one near-disaster, but as far as it seems, no one outside the family is aware of that. Thankfully. My family is no fun unless there's drama and politics. We'd be bored otherwise. It was picture perfect from start to finish. I can't wait to see the photographs.

Tomorrow I'm off to Boulder and out somewhere east of Denver to find an airfield. Should be an interesting day. Can add Colorado as another State I've driven in. Considerably less terrifying than California, from the looks of things. Though apparently every single member of my family has gotten lost in Denver sometime in the last four days, except for me. I just memorise maps. It's a useful skill to have. I also have a pretty good sense of direction, which helps too.

Two more days and then a mini-break in London on the way home.

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