Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where is Spring?

Indeed, I have not had time to write a review for the Richard III Exhibition. I've not had a chance to revisit it either. Mostly this is due to having injured my foot and being restricted to the environs of campus and not the rest of the city as a whole. The foot is getting better (thankfully!) and as soon as the weather follows I might venture down to the centre and have another look (and then write the review). Perhaps Easter will be good for that.

Spring has disappeared. I shouldn't be surprised, considering what winter has been like (and Autumn, Summer and Spring 2012). Still, as it is now going on nearly 12 months since the rain started (and hasn't stopped) the only thing I can say about this month is that it hasn't rained much. Snow, on the other hand...

One would think I lived in the arctic wastes of northern Scotland or something, rather than southern England. But the cloud, wind and cold is getting to all of us. My mantra has become 'Spain Spain Spain'. I just hope it's lovely and warm and sunny! Although I've no doubt I'll get bored of that right quick what with having to walk in it. The weather right now is more conducive to that sort of thing. Still, I would like to walk out my door and not wish I'd brought a hat/scarf/gloves. I would like to wear a skirt. I would like to do all the things you are supposed to be able to do when Spring comes. Instead, I plan to spend the weekend huddled inside in the cold house with the heater on and tea in hand and not open my curtains, because why? I am seriously contemplating finding a job in California after I graduate in 2 years.

Spain Spain Spain

Right now, because my foot still hurts a bit and I'm trying not to make it worse, I am off to the pool. I was very good about going the week before last, and then last week I was away for 3 days and when I came back I was just too tired to want to work out. Of course that excuse didn't last past the weekend, but here it's Thursday and I still haven't gone. So I am going today. The pool is warm and the spa is even warmer. Both good. Tea only does so much good when I have to look out a window.

Next time I will have a review of RIII and probably of WB's Harry Potter Studio Tour as well.

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  1. A speedy recovery to you! The only time I got really severe pain in my foot it was due to gout (self diagnosed - stay clear of doctors is my motto). That was one of the thinks that prompted me to retire when I did.