Monday, February 25, 2013

Tempus Fugit

Apparently, I wrote again. 11,000 words. Of a three-part story. That won't be completed until August 2014 at the soonest. Oops?

I have no idea how it is already the end of February, though I am very glad of it. At least March may mean weather that is not arctic-like. Though it may not, as well. Still, I live in hope of one day not spending my waking hours shivering. If I didn't have to get out of bed, I never would. I am quite serious.

March will go by right quickly too, as I have field work in three different cities and various other trips to other cities, some of which almost happen on the same day (don't ask). I start with Coventry on March 1st, which is at least close (and free transport). I also get to see the Warner Bros. HP studio next month! I will end up buying lots of things from the giftshop that I can't afford, you wait and see. I'll have a review of that afterwards (the tour, not the giftshop).

Also, when I have a moment (not this week it seems) I'll write up a review for the Richard III exhibition that's on at Guildhall, because I bet there aren't many of those on the 'net, are there? No, didn't think so. [They'll be a review of the RIII museum, this time next year too.]

Lastly, I have a very ambitious new neighbour. Despite the fact it is 4*C outside and raining he is out trying to turn over and dig up all the stones in his garden. And powerwash everything in his back garden, it seems. Not sure they'll be much soil left at the rate he's going. Still, I admire the effort, as the end to winter is no time soon.

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