Friday, February 8, 2013

Enough Books to Make an Xmas Tree

That may mean something to a few of you, if you saw the picture going around last month about the xmas tree made from books and hung with lights. I seem to be collecting again. I mean, really, I bought another copy of The Hobbit, because I left my other two in Canada and it'll take the next 12 months to get a copy from the public library. Of course, I refuse to read it for the next 18 months, so I still have very little idea why I bought it. Except that it's the movie copy, so...excuses? I also purchased Anna Karenina in the theory that, if I own it, I will be more likely to read it.

[Once I finish the never-ending books that are Cloud Atlas and Battle Royale, that is.]

Nearly 2000 pages of words to read. However, the xmas tree would be made of only research-related books, which should freighten anyone who has been a student. The MAs keep recalling them to the library, which is annoying me, since it means I have to get what I need from them before they disappear again. Interestingly enough, most of the books in my current posession in Leicester seem to be history related or technology related and not museum related. Hum.

You remember how, in August, I said I was giving up writing? Well, Things Happened and that is no longer the case. I am currently allowing it because [I have no choice] it's a pleasant distraction from my field work and I have the time. Ish. And I'm not exactly ashamed of these fandoms right now (though possibly the fics themselves). There are also people to blame and you know how I love to justify my writing by blaming others for the plot bunnies! Names beginning with P, K and...PJ...are currently on the 'bad influence' list. Funny, how they've been the culprits for several years (*cough*10*cough*) now. I need to find new people, clearly. At least there is no sign of another 50k story in the works. I can't deal with that this year.

It's winter again and so, naturally, Spain feels like a long way away. It's less than three months now (I need to do my Spanish lesson today...) and I think I'm slowly getting ready. The legs don't hurt quite as much after a round at the gym, so that's a good sign! Also, I've been walking a great deal around Leicester these days, and will continue too and next week I'll be standing a great deal. All of this should be good exericse. Of course, nice weather would be better exercise...

I am contemplating house moving. I don't want to, really, because that's a huge hassle and will involve renting a van to get everything moved. Also, anywhere I go is going to be much more money than I currently pay and that's a hassle. And, lastly, I can't find anywhere with an 18 month contract, so I'd have to move *again* next year. Choices, choices. I think I'm too tired to deal with it, really. So many other things going on and trying to decide if I'd rather be warm next winter or broke is about more than I can handle right now. Adult problems, world, adult problems. Also, possibly, First World problems, but there you go.

Right: book, lunch, [Spooks], gym. The order is still up for grabs.

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